Decorum Grower of the Week – Tulips Special

In order to introduce Decorum and their growers to you florists, we devote an article series to them. This week’s article features not one, but two Tulip growers: Ted van der Gulik and Borst Bloembollen. Despite they grow the same seasonal flower, there are many differences between these growers. Read on and find out what makes both growers special.

tulips special

Ted van der Gulik

This family business has a strong focus on quality and innovation. They were described by one of their customers as “the champions league of the Tulips”. Because of their focus on innovation, they have a continually shifting assortment of Tulips, testing loads of new varieties. Did you know that the crossing process to create a new Tulip variety takes around 25 years?

Worldwide Shipping

Ted van der Gulik’s greenhouse is relatively small, so all the Tulips get the personal attention they deserve. To illustrate: “small” means that they have around 3.000 Tulips. Ted and Patrick van der Gulik grow their Tulips in the best quality ground in Holland, which has the perfect balance in nutrients. Thereafter they will be shipped worldwide to – for instance – Russia, China, Ukraine, Japan, Canada and America!

tulips special
tulips special

Borst Bloembollen

With over 30 million Tulips in 150 varieties, grower Borst Bloembollen is a lot bigger operation. When we got to visit this grower, we actually bumped into a film crew. Can you guess why? Their Tulips graced the tables at the recent Golden Globe awards! Like a top-secret operation, more than 13,500 Tulips were specially grown and shipped for this event.

Growing process

To grow these lovely flowers, a cold climate is required. The Tulip bulbs need to stay in the fridge for 14 to 18 weeks, where the temperature is around the freezing point. After that, it takes them about 4 weeks to produce flowers in the greenhouse. A part of the growing process takes place in water because the Tulip is one of the few flowers that keeps growing in the vase (i.e. in water). All flowers at Borst Bloembollen get treated, which causes them to stop growing at one point and to improve the vase life. Watch the video below to see what goes on at an ordinary day at Borst Bloembollen.

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