Education is hugely important, because everything starts with being informed. We want to teach florists everything we know so they’re informed about the market they operate in. At the same time we educate the public about the importance of having independent florists in our communities.


Education via PR – The public

One of the downsides of having a small business is that your reach is limited as your marketing budget isn’t that of a big corporation. Unless you are lucky or incredibly inventive, it is hard to reach the public on a large scale. Because we recognise this, and because we believe Independent Floristry should get a lot more attention, and consumers should be educated on order gatherers. Our PR campaign to educate the consumer on order gatherers started at BBC Countryfile Live – The response from the public was amazing. Recently, we have also attended a blogger & influencer event where we spoke to approx. 50 influencers (with over 300,000 followers!) about the importance of buying from your local florist. But this is not all – in 2020, we are going all out to the consumer to get that message across.


Education for Florists

This has always been a cornerstone element of Florismart. Education is empowering. And we want to empower florists best we can. In our early years, we started educating florists about buying flowers online. We still do this to date, we even give classes from time to time at Florist schools. Florists that are Pro Members, get access to exclusive educational content that relates to buying flowers online, selling flowers (online), marketing, social, product knowledge and loads more.

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