What is your favourite Meijer Rose?

Probably every florist in the UK knows Meijer and their gorgeous roses. But you might wonder which of their roses fits best with your bride’s wishes? In this article, we take a closer look at a few of their roses to help you choose the right one.

Meijer roses
From left to right: Four Seasons, Sweet Avalanche, Pearl Avalanche and Avalanche

Our in-house florist Merel has ordered and photographed the following roses from Meijer: Four Seasons, Avalanche, Sweet Avalanche and Pearl Avalanche. Have a look at each of the roses to find the perfect match for your bride-to-be.

Four seasons
Meijer - Four Seasons
meijer roses
Meijer - Avalanche

Big blooms

When you have ordered roses from Meijer you will notice that the heads are a bit more open than roses from other growers. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have a negative effect on the vase life of the rose. Meijer lets the roses mature on the bushes, which makes the roses stronger and the blooms more open. This special way of growing ensures a beautiful full flower head. You should use this as a general rule when ordering roses from our Pre-order: how longer the stem how bigger the head of the rose.

meijer rose
Meijer - Sweet Avalanche
meijer rose
Meijer - Pearl Avalanche

How they do it

Meijer goes for quality over quantity, so they do not push the crop to grow. Using this method produces better and stronger stems. To protect the crops they use insects instead of chemicals and they let the crops rest for at least 6 hours a day.

When harvesting roses, it all comes to choosing the perfect moment to cut. After cutting, they let the roses drink for at least 12 hours before packing. In this way, the flowers get stronger and it gives them the opportunity to have a good drink before they are put on transport. This ensures a good quality and durability.

Meijer has managed to find the balance between the durability of the flower and its bloom. Their roses integrate these two factors perfectly and thus bring an unforgettable atmosphere to every event and occasion.



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