Floralis Lisianthus – A heart-warming family business

Meet our grower Floralis Lisianthus! Anton, the co-owner of Floralis, is very passionate about his Lisianthus and grows them with great attention and care. Find out more about this grower and his nursery by watching the introduction video below.

Grown with care

Floralis Lisianthus is a real family run company. Together with his brother, Anton is in charge of the Lisianthus nursery. Their parents – obviously having this great passion for flowers – are also still working for the company. During our visit, we even got a glimpse of Granny’s Mix; a mix of different coloured short-stemmed Lisianthus (not available on the platform). Anton and his brother both believe that care is essential for the quality of their flowers, so they give them lots of attention.

Summer feeling

Entering the actual greenhouse felt like getting off the plane on your favourite holiday destination. The warmth was delightful (although a t-shirt would do better than a sweater) and the Bob Marley music in the background further enhanced the feeling of summer. At Floralis, they work with a more permanent team of staff who know the deal and earned their spot within the Floralis Family. Until approximately 2pm, they are busy harvesting Lisianthus. After 2pm, they will start planting.

floralis lisianthus
floralis lisianthus

Growing conditions

The young plants normally receive less lighting than the grown-up plants. On a beautiful day, even the sunlight is sufficient. That way, they give the young plants enough time to develop strong stems and nice leaves before they enter the flowering phase. To boost the growing process, Floralis uses CO2 waste from oil and gas company Shell. In doing so, they contribute to a better and healthier environment.


Making the customer happy is Floralis’ main focus. They prove this – amongst other things – by offering their Lisianthus in an almost fully ‘conditioned’ status. This means that the bottom part of the stems is completely leafless. To achieve this, a special machine removes most of the unnecessary bottom leaves and the rest is done by hand. This unique selling point will save you valuable time. In addition, all of their Lisianthus are put in water with cut flower-food right after harvesting. By carefully listening to their customer’s wishes and needs Floralis is able to be this customer-focused.

floralis lisianthus
floralis lisianthus

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