Free Red Naomi sample by Aleia Roses

Spanish Red Naomi grower Aleia Roses has recently joined our platform and we can’t wait to let you experience the amazing quality of their roses. This glorious fact calls for a sample giveaway!

Sample giveaway

Every Florismart customer* who orders flowers from our Pre-order for delivery on the 19th – 23rd of June will receive a free sample of Aleia’s Red Noami roses! Customers who already pre-ordered for a delivery on one of those days will receive a free sample as well.

*Only 1 Aleia Roses sample per customer

Are you wondering what kind of arrangements you can create with the Aleia roses? Have a look at the design of Florismart florists: Emily Hepworth and Gemma Wakerley.


Share your design

Are you going to be one of the lucky florists who will receive a free Aleia sample? Channel all your creativity and show us what arrangements you can create with the Aleia roses by uploading a picture of your design to the Florismart Florists Facebook group.

About Aleia Roses

In 2013, the company’s creation was headed by Luis Corella and in 2016 the first Aleia Roses started to grow in the 15-hectare greenhouse. Aleia Roses is the largest greenhouse in Europe which grows this rose variety. The greenhouse has been built and designed by leading Dutch experts.

The greenhouse is located 1,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, there is a large difference in temperature between day and night. Anti-glare frosted glass has been used as the basis for the greenhouse in order to obtain powerful solar radiation.

As you can see in the video, Aleia has created water reservoirs which recover and store rainwater and allow it to be reused. Due to this system and the water of the Duero river, which runs close to the farm, the project reduced by more than half of the usual water consumption for hydroponics.

Aleia Roses also has a system for recovering CO2 from the combustion of natural gas in the shell boilers for hot water at low pressure and of high efficiency. This avoids the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and reduces the impact on global warming.


Aleia roses’ brands

Aleia Roses has two brands: Reia and Aleia. Aleia is the longest lasting and highest quality rose (A1 quality) available in the market. It has a vase life of up to two weeks. The colour of the Aleia Rose is an intense bright red and has more than 80 petals.


Haven’t got a Pre-order yet for delivery on the 19th – 23rd of June? Go to our Pre-order, order your flowers, plants and or sundries and receive a free sample of Aleia Roses.

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