We encourage uniqueness in floristry, above everything else. Your individual business and your signature are your strong points. That is where we want to help you emphasise, to get the right customers and more sales your way.

Florismart does not believe in ‘one size fits all’. Buying flowers from a faceless company is not something consumers aspire. In fact, consumers want to see who is making those gorgeous arrangements that make their day. Signature skills are what make a florist great and unique, and we as no other believe that is key to making floristry thrive.

Unique bouquet by Bloomsbury Flowers
Unique bouquet by Bloomsbury Flowers

Florists in the picture

Throughout the years, we have put a great number of florists in the spotlight by writing articles about them. In an effort to extend your local reach, we developed a Florist Finder. As a result, we can now promote florists to their local online communities. This has great benefits for florists as they are able to show and sell their unique work.

A Florist by choice

Florists are an important part of the communities they exist in. Because who else can provide services with births and birthdays, girlfriends and boyfriends, anniversaries, weddings and funerals?  Florists know the language of flowers like no other and carry a passion for flowers deep in their hearts. Florists should be proud of who and what they are. Similarly, consumers should be educated on the benefits and importance of having an independent florist in town.

Fancy a spot?

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