Irish Green Guys | The Product Range

The time is here for you to buy the most amazing foliage from the buying platform. We have 14 varieties that we have launched with on the 11th September, with more to arrive in the coming months. Everything is bunched in 10’s, meaning that you can really easily cost this foliage into your work. There will be a fixed, yearly price, meaning that you can know, with confidence, how much it’s going to cost you. Super handy for planning future events, and for costing up bouquets and arrangements on a daily basis.


Eucalyptus Glaucesens: Strongest scented of all Eucalyptus. Stunning light blue foliage.

Eucalyptus Moorei: A new variety of green eucalyptus. A lovely shape and a good filler.

Eucalyptus Parvifolia: Very full, small leafed Eucalyptus.

Mini Pittosporum: Fresh, lime green, small crinkled leaves makes Pittosporum a favourite amoung many.

Dyed Red Pittosporum: Great for autumn arrangments, and the best bit? The dye doesn’t transfer to your hands, or the water.

Laurel: Lush green leaves – something that usually wouldn’t be a go-to when making a bouquet, but why not give it a go?…

Rhododendron: Architectural and sculptural, great for ‘wow’ arrangements.

Ozothamnus Sussex Silver: Elegant, soft ‘needled’ foliage with a wonderful texture and fresh, silver green/grey hues.

Birch twig: Natural, architectural twig, great for contract work.

Cuppressus Goldcrest: Delicious lemon scent, great texture and vibrant lime colour.

Cuppressus Yvonne: Stunning yellow conifer.

Rosemary: Wonderful scented herb with soft ‘needle’ foliage adding texture and structure to arrangements.

Purple Weigela: Adds colour and texture to bouquets.

Variegated Weigela: Mid-green leaves edged with creamy-white.