KJ reviews: The Quantum Flower Box by Zentoo

🌿 Fun Flower Review 🌿 Today’s review is the Zentoo Chrysanthemums Quantum box. Packed and pre-chilled at the growers, then delivered with the rest of your order. The only two people to touch the flowers are the grower and the florist!

By: Katie-Jane Hermes from The Garden Studio

Katie-Jane about the Quantum Box

Firstly I think this concept is fantastic. There really is no other way to get fresher flowers!

When I opened the box the flowers were still cold to touch! Impressive. They also looked nice and fresh, the foliage was solid. Cooling the temperature of the flowers quickly also increases their shelf life as it slows the life cycle down. They did look like they needed a drink, but I was expecting that the only drinking they have had is at the growers. After around 12-15 hours of drinking in the Chrysal Pro 2 solution, they looked perfect. I didn’t get a photo of them after they drank, but I did use them in a demo. See the design below.

The garden studio Zentoo Quantum box

Katie-Jane is reviewing a whole series of products. In her first review, she shared her findings of the Freedom Rose. Read her review here.

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