KJ reviews: the Red Eagle rose from Arend Roses

🌹Fun Flower Review🌹. Tomorrow is the last day of our Early Bird Valentine’s promotion and the Red Eagle rose from Arend Roses was one of the roses we haven’t written about. So here’s KJ’s review to help you decide which rose suits you.

By: Katie-Jane Hermes from The Garden Studio


Red Eagle review KJ


This week I chose Red Eagle Roses from Arend for my fun flower review.

This is a lovely bright red rose with a real classic shape. The foliage on the roses was a nice dark green and there weren’t really any guard petals that I needed to remove. The head size was medium/large.

You will be happy to know that there were NO THORNS in sight, making conditioning them very easy! I removed the foliage that would be in the water, snipped the bottoms and put in my water treated with Chrysal Professional 2.

These roses held their shape very well while in the studio. Then when I brought them into the warm they opened to a large head and lasted inside for 10 days.

I would be very happy to use these roses in a higher end red rose bouquet, they do have a luxury feel.


Red Eagle review KJ

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