Local Florist Communities

Together with a group of UK florists, Florismart has set up several local florist communities across the UK. These groups are for professional florists with a strong will and inventive mind that seek local connections and support. Together we can make the demand for flowers higher and the costs (for florists) lower.

“Connect, share knowledge, and thrive. Let's make this industry stronger than ever together.”

The local florist communities

Starting a regional community will help us unite in the areas that we need to and will all benefit from:

  1. Only professional florists will survive and thrive.
  2. We together can act as one big buying group with real buying power.
  3. Transport costs can shrink and times become more reliable when we unite and coordinate.
  4. Together we can turn the fishing pond into a lake and regain market share that we lost.
  5. Who gives support will receive support.
  6. Your signature becomes a more unique quality once it is shown in unity.


These groups are about supporting, educating and helping each other out. Please note you do not have to be a Florismart customer to engage, participate and contribute to these groups. Everyone is welcome to join.


The regional communities are just the start of something great. In the following months, a lot of new initiatives are on the agenda. One of them will involve the local florist ambassadors to organise business clubs throughout the country.

Local florist communities

What do florists think about the communities?

Siân: “I love our little community. I have just had to turn down 5 weddings as we were already booked on their wedding dates and I managed to recommend each bride to different florists in this group.”


florist communities

Your local florist community

Do you want to join your local florist community?  Below is a list of active groups. Find your Local Florist Community by searching for your postcode (CTRL+ F):

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