We support trading locally. Because we believe independent florists are an important part of the communities they exist in. For that reason, we help optimise the findability of local florists online.


Supporting local

Florists are professional artisans and are an important part of the communities they exist in. Who else can provide service with births and birthdays, girlfriends and boyfriends, weddings and funerals, anniversaries and new beginnings? Because we believe in the value of the independent florist so firmly, we have made it our business to help florists grow in their own communities.

Our ideal future is a future in which florists flourish on the high streets, and online. A tomorrow in which florists have gained back the share of the industry that they’ve lost from supermarkets, unskilled hobbyists and order gatherers. And we believe our best chance at achieving this, is to work together and start acting collectively. Because a collective of 7,500 florists is incredibly powerful.

Reach your local clientele

With our consumer listing website, we direct (local) consumers that search online for bouquets, weddings, funeral work and flower workshops to you. Unlike most flower websites targeted at consumers, we do not make money on commission with the selling of bouquets. We purely redirect consumers to your website. This means that every sale you make that initially came through us, is 100% yours to keep.


When you join us, you will become part of this positive change. Learn more about our membership program.