New Cymbidium grower: Van der Houwen

Cymbidiums, fresh as can be. Who wouldn’t want that? You can now order the gorgeous Cymbidiums from Van der Houwen Orchids on our Pre-order. Scroll down to read more about this family business and their beautiful flowers.

Growing cymbidium with passion

Van der Houwen Orchids is a cymbidium nursery. The company was founded in 1955 and has undergone many changes. Over the years, various products have been grown: grapes, beans, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, beets, and tulips. In 2006 they started growing cymbidiums and this has lead to a professional orchid nursery. Nowadays, the nursery is run by IJsbrand van der Houwen and his son Ruud. It’s a real family business with a lot of passion!


Nandi Gaint

Van der Houwen’s varieties

Van der Houwen introduces six varieties on our Pre-order: Nevada, Nandi Giant, Gymer, Elliot Rogers, Delmonte, and Cascade. The Elliot Rogers, Delmonte, and Cascade are very suitable for weddings with their nice soft colours. While the bright coloured varieties are perfect for spring!

Elliot Rogers

The “boat” orchid

The cymbidium, also known as the boat orchid, gets its name from the Greek word “kymbe” which means boat. This refers to the hollow shape of the flower. The cymbidium can produce up to 15 flowers per plant and is available in many different colours.


Van der Houwen’s care tips

  • Remove the packaging and the bottles
  • Cut approximately 1 cm off the stems
  • Put the flowers in lukewarm water
  • Recut the stems after 1 week
  • Do not place the Cymbidiums in direct sunlight

Go to our Pre-order to see all the beautiful varieties from Van der Houwen.

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