Parfum Flower Trip: a huge success!

During the Parfum Flower Trip, our florists have met with growers and suppliers (including & Broekhof), worked on their creative floral skills and learnt more about the beautiful Roses from Parfum Flower Company. Read our summary of the workshop day below.

Written in collaboration with Arnold Wittkamp.

parfum flower trip

The Fragrant Garden

The Fragrant Garden – an old greenhouse that fuels floral creativity and furthermore the location of the workshop – was filled with thousands of amazing scented roses. Some of the very talented florists decorated the greenhouse with many gorgeous arrangements the night before. The workshop day kicked off with an interesting informative talk from Arnold Wittkamp about Parfum Flower Company, the rose varieties of Tambuzi, conditioning and the supply chain.

parfum flower trip

The centrepiece by Max Hurtaud

Next up: a workshop by the inspiring floral designer Max Hurtaud. Max gave a step-by-step informative workshop on how to create a centrepiece. Using new skills like moss covering cardboard frames and suspending them around an oasis block using Craspedia balls. The florists used the black oasis, leaving it uncovered at some places, which was new to many. The florists then learned how to create wired candleholders, which were inserted into the black oasis, alongside loads of scented roses! Two lotus seed heads were then used to create a central point of interest.

parfum flower trip
parfum flower trip

Demonstrating a cascading (bridal) bouquet

After the interactive part of the workshop, Max showed the florists new ways to create another design – a cascading (bridal) bouquet. Eclectic in his work, Max always tries to find new ways to create. He doesn’t want to do the same and wishes to surprise people. And that’s exactly what he did during his demonstration. Have a look at the end result in the pictures below.

parfum flower trip

A round of applause

Last but not least, we would like to thank our amazing sponsors: Parfum Flower Company, Hamifleurs, Broekhof, Starline FlowersVan der Valk Groenesier for helping us out with all the necessary flowers, foliage and floral tools!

Would you like to see more of the amazing Parfum Flower Trip? Watch the after movie below!




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