Pinterest: not your worst enemy!

Can you relate? You’re in the middle of a wedding consultation with a potential bride and she shows you a Pinterest picture of a bridal bouquet. You instantly know that the colours in the picture are not truthful, but the bride insists on those exact colours. *Sigh* If you could only ban one social media platform… It shouldn’t be Pinterest! Don’t blame the platform as it has so much to offer your business. Read on and learn why Pinterest is not your worst enemy.

Why use Pinterest?

Don’t see Pinterest as another social media platform but see it as a visual search engine. With over 367 million monthly active users this search engine is the perfect tool to increase your brand awareness, stimulate click-throughs to your website and increase your sales. What is great about Pinterest is that your content can be found at any time and therefore has a longer shelf life than similar content on Facebook or Instagram. Scroll further down to get started on your Pinterest strategy.


The power of referral

Just like our Florist Finder, Pinterest is all about referrals. Every Pin links back to the original source, which in this case should be your webshop. Adding deep links to each specific product you pin to your profile, makes it easier for you to encourage customers to buy your floral creations. This possibility highlights an important advantage of Pinterest over Instagram. Instagram won’t let you add links to separate posts – you can only save one link to your bio.


Great visuals are key

Do you have beautiful pictures of your gift bouquets, funeral designs or wedding flowers at your disposal? Then there’s no reason not to use them for Pinterest purposes. Pinterest is a visual search engine, where users (Pinners) are looking for stunning inspirational pictures, handy tips or products. Take, for instance, the wedding bouquet incident given in the introduction. Your Pinterest strategy should, in this case, be to present a truthful and clear picture of what brides can expect from you.

This certainly also applies to gift bouquets. Nothing is more annoying than clicking on a Pin, to find out the exact image doesn’t appear on the landing page. Or even worse, the image doesn’t have a clear connection with the information given on the landing page. It’s advisable to make sure your Pins include a product picture which links to the same (or a similar) product on your webshop. Our industry is very beautiful and therefore should be shown off at every opportunity.


Grab their attention

You want to make sure you stand out and stop the user from scrolling any further. There are a few ways to grab their attention. One option is to add a title to the image you’re going to pin. You might think this is redundant since you have already added a Pin title but unfortunately, those aren’t easy to read. You can easily add text overlays to your images with apps like Canva and Over. Another option is using videos instead of pictures. Pinterest automatically starts playing videos and the movement will catch their attention.


The right audience

A huge advantage of Pinterest over other social media platforms is the use of boards. Pinterest allows users to follow an account (including all their Pins) as well as one of their specific boards and related Pins. By creating boards, you can specify each one of your floral services, e.g. gift bouquets, wedding flowers, funeral flowers and workshops. The result? Pinners will be able to follow boards (floral services) they are specifically interested in and your pins will reach the right audience. It’s a win-win!


Ready to start pinning?

Here are a few more (pro) top tips to keep in mind:

  • Great visuals are not enough. Expand your visibility by using keywords in your ‘about me’, Pin titles or descriptions. It’s like SEO but for Pinterest.
  • Be consistent, but don’t overdo! A flood of Pins at one time is not a good idea. Spread your content wisely throughout the weeks. Pinterest is something to chip away at over time – make it part of your weekly marketing time.
  • Research has shown that if you’re creating Pins to coincide with an upcoming holiday, season, or event, you should start posting them about 45 days in advance.
  • You could brand your images with your logo to create brand awareness. However, avoid the bottom right corner of the picture, as that spot often gets covered up by product icons.
  • It’s encouraged to create multiple Pins with different images that redirect to the same webpage. That way, different audiences can be attracted. Make sure to write unique descriptions.
  • Use the right ratio. Even though Pinterest supports several dimensions it prefers vertical formats and the recommended ratio is 2:3 (e.g. 1000 x 1500 pixels).

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