Donna Cornish meets the Celebrity Brand of Roses

Another week another Grower Ambassador! This time Donna Cornish from Flowers by Donna Cornish has the honour to share the story of her grower: Qualirosa.

Well, where to begin…

I got giddy with excitement when I saw the post about becoming a Grower Ambassador and leapt at the chance to apply for such a fantastic opportunity. I was overjoyed when I received the email from Merel to say I’d got a role.

I was lucky enough to be paired with Qualirosa. They grow their Roses in Ethiopia before flying them to Rijnsburg, Holland to be distributed. On average they produce 1.2-1.5 million roses a month. I hate to admit I was a little sad I wouldn’t get to see them grow in Ethiopia and thought I’d feel underwhelmed by my visit. But my word did I soon eat my words once I walked in. Seeing trolley after trolley of exquisite Roses and Spray Roses. And meeting with Arjo who is so passionate about florists getting to know Qualirosa – the story and brand behind these gorgeous roses.

Donna Cornish & Arjo, Qualirosa

How it all started

Qualirosa’s story starts when they purchased a farm that grew roses in Ethiopia which was 6-8 years old. They took over this farm in May 2015 and began to immediately turn the farm around. Fast forward three years with over 500 staff and over 40 different varieties of Roses and Spray Roses you have the Qualirosa Brand.

First, hearing Arjo talk about the people of Ethiopia and how Qualirosa helps building a community and furthermore becoming environmentally friendly is just wonderful. They recycle all the water, compost all waste then, in turn, give the compost to local neighbouring farmers to help with their crops. The care for the health and well-being of the workforce is just lovely to hear. Another reason to support such a great company!


Excellent quality

You may have heard of Lullaby, the beautiful soft lilac rose. We are actually very lucky to see this beauty on the market today. As it was saved from not being grown at all after initial breeding tests the rose didn’t seem fit for the commercial market.  Qualirosa were to stand by Lullaby and planted it to see how it would do. Eighteen months later, it’s a hugely popular rose. With Qualirosa now having exclusivity to growing this unique beauty.

The Roses arrive at Rijnsburg at 2 degrees as tight buds. This is how they are shown on the portal: a firm tight bud. They make sure that the roses are put on water for three to four days. And when it arrives they bloom into a beautiful form with large flowers. The excellent lasting quality consequently makes it a key focal point for all types of arrangements.


Why not pop a wrap in your basket with your next order and look at the quality yourself.

A huge thanks to Merel, Arjo and Florismart for this great opportunity and I look forward to using Qualirosa in my designs soon.

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