Meet a celebrity brand of roses: Qualirosa

Qualirosa, grows high-quality roses in Ethiopia and sells their roses all over the world.

The journey of a qualitative rose

They set high standards for the quality of their roses and make sure they are checked several times daily. The roses are trimmed and selected with the greatest care. After a night in the water, the roses are cooled and flown directly from Ethiopia to Netherlands. On arrival in the Netherlands, the roses are then processed directly in their location in Rijnsburg.

Onces the roses arrive in Rijnsburg they will be cut off and inspected for ripeness and damage. When they’ve met the requirements, the roses are put in water and immediately placed in cold storage. In order to continue to offer high quality roses, Qualirosa makes a quality report of imported roses every day. These reports are shared with their farm in Ethiopia resulting in consistently high quality of the delivered roses.

Airplanes filled with roses fly every day from Ethiopia to the Netherlands. This means the roses are fresh and they are able to immediately respond to supply and demand in the market.

Beautiful varieties and where to find them

Qualirosa has distinct species roses. Varieties as Bombastic, Super Bubbles, Lullaby and Butter Cup.
They are open to special requests regarding their roses. Want to see all varieties Qualirosa trades? Click here to check see the website or check them out on Facebook

You can find Qualirosa varieties on our buying platform by searching or typing in the breeder’s section name Qualirosa. Click here to find them on the buying platform.