Ranunculus, the ingredient to a joyful spring

It’s hard to believe that such a compact little bud can grow to an impressive spring flower. Ranunculus ceases to amaze.

White, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple …the Ranunculus is the right decision for everyone who wants to celebrate spring.
The beautiful flower is able to grow in the vase, which further enhances the feeling of spring. Theyare beautiful in field like spring bouquets with Anemone, Astrantia, and Tulips for example.

Ranunculus is a perennial. The official name Ranunculus, is the Latin word for frog. That’s not surprising when you consider that in the wild the flower grows in marshlands. Ranunculus also symbolises charm.

In Victorian times the gift of a bouquet with Ranunculus was a way of telling someone; ‘I think you are attractive’.

Handle with care!

This certainly applies to this flower. Remove the covers (then the petals will last longer) and place the flowers straight up in clean water with cut flower food.

The consumer will enjoy the flower the longest if he cut off a piece of the steal and puts the flowers in a clean vase with clean water and flowers food.

Remember not to put in too much water, the hairy stem can’t handle that.

This flower drinks a lot, for this reason refill the vase regularly. The flowers have a high sustainability if they stand in a nice, cool and draft-free place.

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Spring flower combination
Ranunculus purple