Safari Garden review by The Flower Box

Florismart Florist and owner of The Flower Box in Knighton, Tanith Fox-James shares her take on the Kenyan flower boxes from Safari Garden. Read on to discover how her customers have grown to love these Kenyan blooms.

The Rose Box – unpacking

Safari Garden is a grower collective from Kenya. For the better half of a year, we have been working together to give you access to the first mixed flower and foliage boxes straight from the grower in Kenya. With plastic-free packaging and beautiful mixed boxes for all types of floristry, Safari Garden will be your new favourite grower and here’s Tanith to explain why:


Why are you a fan of Safari Garden’s boxes?

The Safari Garden boxes provide me with an instant selection of roses at a consistent price. The small numbers allow me to have the same ingredients in a bouquet (easy for pricing) whilst still offering a selection of colours.

We’ve been using Safari Garden boxes regularly for around 6 months now, including peaks like Christmas and Valentines. Whilst I have had a few issues when weather was bad in Kenya these issues have been very few and very far between.

Safari Garden review
These pictures show you a week old Rose next to new arrivals
Safari Garden’s products 2

What are the responses from your customers on Safari Garden’s flowers?

My customers have very quickly become huge fans of Safari Garden’s flowers, to illustrate:

Once I could order again back at the start of lockdown, I decided I would stay open for funeral customers. It didn’t really feel right offering gift bouquets initially but funeral work seemed the right thing for me to do. Anyway, this left me knowing that I needed fewer flowers than my Florismart minimum order, so being proactive I decided I could buy extra flowers and use them to make designs for my website. The Safari Garden boxes seemed perfect for this occasion. [I was under the misguided impressions I would have time on my hands to do all the jobs that I haven’t done since I took over my shop before valentines last year.]

I wanted some pictures of the designs of how they arrive with customers and a week or so on. After my photoshoots, I gifted the bouquets to friends and customers with stern words about how they were old flowers too pretty to throw away but unlikely to last much longer. However, over a week later, I was getting messages about how well they had lasted. I was pleasantly surprised as we had experienced a fair warmer April than normal. I knew I’d had Valentine’s Safari Garden roses that lasted more than 3 weeks at Valentine’s Day but my shop is pretty cold in February.

I’ve repeated this a few times over the last few months and word of mouth has spread and my Bright and Pastel mixed rose boxes have been a good seller over the lockdown period.

Safari Garden review
© The Flower Box - made with Safari Garden's flowers
The Flower Box – Safari Garden design
© The Flower Box - made with Safari Garden's flowers

Could you tell us a bit more about the quality of the flowers and your favourite box?

I’ve found that all flowers from Safari Garden last well. The head sizes are scary small when they first arrive but my goodness after a week they have grown considerably and they are impressive for the price. For day to day use such as ready to go’s and my weekly pre-order specials, I find them essential and dependable. I don’t have a favourite box but I  tend to alternate between the Bright box and the Ice Cream box.


Safari Garden’s flowers need some time to hydrate, what are your conditioning top tips?

  • Do leave the paper on for those first few hours drinking.
  • Recut the stems again after a few hours when you remove the paper and finish conditioning.
  • Don’t panic when you open the box and some of the roses look very small. They are certainly a grower. They will look amazing in a week in your customer’s house. 😉


Safari Garden’s products are only available for delivery on Tuesdays. Please note that there is a 7-day lead time, meaning the cut-off is on Tuesday at 10 pm (the week before). Go to to order Safari Garden’s beautiful mixed boxes.

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