The updated grade sheet: a guide for flower buying

It has been almost six months since we made the comprehensive grade sheet, a helping hand to buying the right flower at the right grade. We have updated it it with more (seasonal) flowers and gave it a bit of a make-over. Read on to discover how you can use the Florismart Grade Sheet in your business.


Reasons to use it

This grade sheet is a life saver when it comes to buying your flowers, whether you’re new to buying online, or you’re buying a variety you haven’t seen online in a while.
Online shopping on our buying platform is very different to browsing your local flower market. It’s essential you know the difference in grades and look at length, ripeness, NPU, weight, etc. before you put those products in your cart.
This grade sheet will help you find the right grades for what you need. It’s only a guide, but a very good start for many.
Smart buying = smart saving and a shop full of flowers to be proud of.


How to use it

It’s really easy to use the grade sheet. Compare the length, ripeness and the number per unit in the grade sheet to the data from the Florismart buying platform. All you need to do then is find the perfect match. Knowing what grade flower you are buying in advance will decrease your chances of being disappointed about the flower when it arrives.

Keep in mind: If you are looking to spend less f.e. to make less expensive bouquets different grades apply. It’s all about knowing what you need, at what quality.


Easy to find

The grade sheet is always at your fingertips, available in the buying platform in our Knowledge Centre. If you’re not a customer you can download the grade sheet here, you can use it in any web shop, with any wholesaler!


Why we created it

We believe in empowering the independent florist. We do that by giving you easier access to flowers grown all around the world, and from your local growers and wholesalers. This grade sheet is one of many tools we provide to make buying easier for florists. We find that education and transparency are essential to support florists to retain a stronger position in the market.

Our comprehensive grade sheet is compiled in conjunction with the VBN (Association of Flower Auctions in the Netherlands) regulations.


Learn more!

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