Walter Grootscholten and Grower Ambassador Denise Murphy

This is the second article written by our Grower Ambassadors. Florismart has taken up the role of matchmaker and set up Florismart florists with several growers. These Grower Ambassadors are the voice of the growers, the champion of their products and the link to other florists. In this article, Denise Murphy from Helensburgh Flowers takes you to the wonderful world of Phalaenopsis grower Walter Grootscholten.


Written by Denise Murphy

Grown with love

I was very honoured and slightly overwhelmed to be given the role as Grower Ambassador for Walter Grootscholten Orchids. This sixth-generation Phalaenopsis nursery based in De Lier, Netherlands is a sight to behold. On arrival, I met with Pascal who was very friendly and also very tall! He took the time to walk me through their beautiful nursery. In addition, he explained the growing process and day to day running of this fabulous company.

The nursery is run by a team of 10 employees. They pride themselves in keeping their operation small. As a result, everyone plays a part in growing and looking after this beautiful bloom. Pascal explained this is what makes this orchid so special. As every member of staff is hands-on with the growing process, care and quality control ensuring we, the florist, get nothing short of perfection.

Walter Grootscholten
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It’s all about quality

The Phalaenopsis is indeed a niche market and Walter Grootscholten does not disappoint. They have the quality spot on. Grootscholten grows the biggest and longest stems with strong vibrant flower heads and the reason for this is quality, plain and simple. For instance, I was amazed to hear that after 3 years of growth they discard the plants and start the process all over again. This shows the commitment and passion that they have for their product of which they are very proud.

Each plant is grown in a tropical environment and they have 13 different varieties. The grower does not go after fashion trends because of the long process involved in growing and producing but prefer to stick with what they know works, which I admired greatly.

Walter Grootscholten
Denise and Pascal
Walter Grootscholten

The growers are just as passionate, committed and proud of the flower industry as we are.

To say mother nature is so well looked after here is an understatement, and to be honest to see the passion that goes into the growing process and how confident these guys are for what they produce made me feel very humble. It also made me realise, thanks to this Florismart Grower initiative, we as florists can see that the growers are just as passionate, committed and proud of the flower industry as we are. I hope I can do them justice in my role as their Ambassador.

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Walter Grootscholten

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