Wedding season at Qualirosa

Last week we paid a visit to Qualirosa, one of our growers on the Pre-order with an amazing assortment of roses. Qualirosa doesn’t focus on the most romantic day of the year, but on the most romantic season of the year: wedding season! Sales manager Arjo van der Sluis told us all about their farm in Ethiopia, the assortment (and a new variety!).  Read all about it in this article.

Roses with a positive social impact

Three years ago, Edwin de Gruijl, started with the renovation of a greenhouse in Ethiopia. This was the beginning of Qualirosa, a greenhouse of 8 hectares which expanded very quickly to 24 hectares. The 650 employees make it possible to grow 50 different varieties at the farm. Arjo explained that there is almost no automation at the farm. For this reason, they need that many employees. The people who work in the greenhouse are very important for Qualirosa’s rose production.

Arjo: “Our employees have a lot of know-how, they can’t be easily replaced by other people. It’s also very important to us that they enjoy working at Qualirosa and we do everything to make that happen. We give our employees the chance to develop within the company and take care of them in case they are ill or pregnant. We grow flowers with a positive social impact.”

Qualirosa aims to build a brand which florists can count on. Qualirosa wants florists to recognise their flowers by its quality, vase life, and beautiful colours.

Qualirosa's nursery

Time for some romance

For many rose growers, Valentine’s day is one of the most important days of the year, but Qualirosa is already one step ahead and focusses on wedding season. They produce lots of roses in pastel colours and these are perfect for weddings. The season starts already in March but the demand increases quickly in April and May. Spring and summer are the peak periods for Qualirosa.

During wedding season, Qualirosa sells many spray roses. These roses have a luxurious look and people love it! We asked Arjo for his favourite rose and he answered without any doubt: “That’s the Bombastic spray rose!”. This rose is by far the most popular variety of Qualirosa. The Quicksand and Lullaby roses are doing well too during wedding season.

Although Qualirosa doesn’t grow new varieties that often, they have introduced a new variety this year: the Hera rose. Arjo’s expectations are high! The Hera rose has a beautiful pink colour, opens well and has a vase life of 14 days. Qualirosa is the only one who grows the Hera rose. And guess what! You will be able to order it very soon on our Pre-order.

“The Hera rose is a bigger and better version of the Heaven rose which is very popular in England"

Arjo van der Sluis - Qualirosa
Hera Rose

Qualirosa’s tips for florists

Arjo would like to share a few tips with you:

“Order on time: Qualirosa’s special varieties are not being produced in big amounts so sometimes they are sold out very quickly. Especially during wedding season!

Furthermore, we would really like to see your wedding work with our roses! So please share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag #Qualirosa.”


Interested in Qualirosa’s flowers for the upcoming wedding season? You can find them on our Pre-order.