British Flowers Week (10-16 June) is almost here!

Are you ready for another spectacular British Flowers Week? The annual celebration is kicking off this Monday, on the 10th of June and lasts until the 16th of June. During this week we celebrate the wealth and variety of British grown blooms and foliage. Loving British flowers (week)? Scroll down to see how you can get yourself involved!


1. Buy British

This is, obviously, the most important way of contributing to our very own British growers. By buying British you’ll not only be supporting the local industry, but you’re also doing yourself a favour. Why? First of all, minimum distance means maximum vase life – it’s simple as that! Secondly, British flowers usually have a better scent than imported ones.

A tip from the organisers of British Flowers Week: “Buy what’s looking good in peak season, rather than what’s looking OK all year round.” Which brings us to our second point…

2. Learn what’s in season

As we already revealed, buying seasonal flowers will guarantee better quality. And when they are at their seasonal high, the prices come down too; a win-win as we call it! At the moment, we can enjoy British blooms such as elegant Peonies, gorgeous Stocks and lovely Sweet Williams. British Larkspur, Gypsophila and Alstroemeria are also available. Click here to learn more about British flowers by looking at our seasonal flower calendar.

British Flowers Week

3. Ask (and support!) your local florist

Many local florists will have British blooms in stock during British Flowers Week. Do you want to buy British blooms not only during this week but year round? It’s a game of demand and supply – so go talk to that local florist in town, they might want to stock up some more if they know that there’s someone willing to buy it.

4. Use #BritishFlowersWeek

Are you planning on buying yourself (or somebody else) a nice bunch of British blooms? Join the movement and show your flowers to the rest of the country by adding the hashtag #BritishFlowersWeek to your social media posts.

British Flowers Week

Only 5 more days until the start of British Flowers Week (10-16 June). Use our redirection website to search for a florist nearby and order your (British) florals online!

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