5 reasons to buy from a local florist this Mother’s Day

It did not go unnoticed that we live in uncertain times these days. And yet, that’s exactly the reason why we should hearten others in ways that are still possible. Flowers have proven to carry a strong message of affection, gratitude and compassion. Especially when they are made with love and craft by a skilled local florist. Use this to let the mums in your life know that you are thinking of them this Mother’s Day. Read on to discover more reasons why you should buy from a local florist. #ThinkFlowersThinkFlorist

buy from a local florist

Together with a few of our florists, we came up with 5 reasons why you should buy from a local florist:

1 Supporting local businesses & economy

Gemma Quinton, from Gemma Quinton Floral Design: “Supporting local independents is not only the ethical choice. It also helps build the local economy.”

There are numerous reasons why it’s important to buy local. Not only is it good for the community’s well-being, local businesses also tend to hire local people and recycle a much larger part of their revenue back into their town compared to big chains, like supermarkets. Buying local, from small independent shops, is now more important than ever. Imagine the uncertainty these businesses are dealing with; as no customers means no income.


2 Supporting the grower

Did you know that when you buy flowers from an independent florist the grower gets more money for its product? When you buy from big retailers or online order gatherers only a small percentage of the revenue actually goes to the one who grew this beautiful bloom.

You might have seen this video from the horrendous current situation at the Dutch auctions. Millions of flowers went straight to the bin because there are simply no buyers. Please support these growers by buying their lovely flowers through your local florist.


3 Personal touch

Gemma Quinton: “Independent florists know what their locals want. They can cater to them accordingly rather than trying to please a wider, much more varied public. You get that personal touch and advice that big chains just can’t provide. The personable touch is something money can’t buy!”


4 Unique products

Vicky Laffey, from Floral Quarter: “People treat buying flowers in the same way as buying a pair of jeans from Amazon or something. Sadly it’s not like that as we work with a natural product. I would advise consumers to realise the value of trusting the florist’s creativity, they will receive much better flowers.”

A florist has its way of creating unique pieces of art with these products of nature. Independent florists try to stimulate creativity whereas supermarkets, for example, focus too much on the generic part and produce bouquets that all look alike.


5 Go the extra mile

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is not necessarily the most expensive present but usually something that shows the thought and effort you have put in. Your local florist is the perfect person to create gifts, hand-made with love and craft, catered to your wishes. You might want to incorporate your mum’s favourite flower in a personalised bouquet, for example. Click here to see our shortlist of floral Mother’s Day gift ideas.


Buy from a local florist

From now on, support your local community and buy flowers from a local independent florist – you won’t regret it. Through our website, we will help you find the nicest bouquet, the perfect wedding florist, the most beautiful floral tribute and the most delightful workshop by a local florist.

Because we are a redirection website, we can ensure that all the revenue goes to the florist. You might wonder how this benefits you? Because we do not take a cut, 100% of your money goes into your order. Have a look at the video below, to see how it works. #ThinkFlowersThinkFlorist


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