Getting married? 6 steps to your ideal wedding flowers

Has your partner just got down on one knee? Then there’s no time to waste – start planning your magical day, including showstopping wedding flowers! Are you over the moon, but having no clue on how to get started? Then follow these 6 steps to the wedding flowers of your dreams:

wedding flowers

Step 1: Start planning

Do you have a specific date in mind when it comes to your wedding day? Be swift and secure it while you still can. But don’t forget to keep the seasons in mind too, as these can have a big influence on the choice for your venue, dress and wedding flowers. You might want a beach wedding in the summer, a dress with sleeves in autumn and fragrant flowers in spring for example. Whatever you decide, don’t leave it until the last minute when it comes to planning your wedding flowers. According to Wedding Florist of the Year 2020, The Garden Studio, most people book their wedding florist approximately a year in advance.

Step 2: Blooming inspiration

Now the real fun begins! Get yourself loads of blooming inspiration through bridal magazines or by browsing the internet. After that, start combining and discover your preferred theme, style and/or colour scheme. Relevant questions you could ask yourself at this stage are:

  • Would you like your wedding day to revolve around a special theme?
  • What colour would your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses be?
  • Is there a specific flower you would like to use (or avoid)?
  • What type of bouquet would you like? From round to cascading and from pageant to posy bouquets – the options are endless, so prepare yourself.

Put together a top 10 of your favourite images and decide on the overall look and feel. However, keep in mind that this should better be used for inspiration purposes only. Don’t pin yourself to that exact flower or that exact colour. Some flowers might not be available on your wedding day and colours in photographs, gathered from platforms like Pinterest, can be deceiving due to the use of filters.

wedding flowers

Step 3: Find a (local) wedding florist

A florist is the perfect person to trust your wedding flowers to. They have the knowledge and experience to provide wedding flowers that match your specific wishes, needs and budget. They keep the seasonality of flowers in mind, adding that extra personal touch to your wedding florals. Are you looking for a florist specialised in a certain style or are you aiming at your local florist? Then make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute. Like we already told you, most florists are booked a year in advance. Click here to find a wedding florist that matches your floral needs.

Top Tip: some wedding venues work with preferred suppliers, including florists. This might come in handy, as the florist already knows the floral possibilities at that location.

Step 4: Consultation time!

We’re already up to step 4, booking a wedding consultation at your preferred florist. Our most important tip: come prepared, but don’t overdo. It’s great that you have gained some inspiration and ideas during step 3, but trust your florist! Give them as much information as you can about your style, the details and the feel you’re going for and let them be creative. They will pull everything you tell them together to create the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding day. Additionally, the florist might ask you about the other suppliers you have booked. This can help give them a feel for the type of day you are planning.

Katie-Jane, owner of The Garden Studio: “Some brides forget that their wedding flowers are their own and get caught up wanting ‘that’ bouquet instead of working with the florist to create their own.”

wedding flowers
wedding flowers

Step 5: The finishing touch

A few weeks prior to your big day, you will have a round-up appointment at your wedding florist. Use this time to discuss the last finishing details, but keep in mind that the agreed idea for your wedding flowers often can’t be changed at this point. Why you might ask? Wedding florists put a lot of time and effort in planning your wedding flowers, making sure you get the best quality available. They often plan (and order) weeks or even months in advance, securing the wedding flowers of your dreams. That’s why a last-minute change of plans is often not possible or comes at an additional cost.

Step 6: Your special day

Beforehand, check, check, doublecheck if you gave all the chosen suppliers – including your wedding florist – the right location and time. But above all, enjoy this special day! Let the experts do their job and feel safe in the knowledge that your wedding florist will do everything in his/her power to ‘wow’ you and all your guests with stunning blooms.


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