Become a botanist | 8 gardening & plant care apps

Loving your garden but don’t know how to handle it? Or having an indoors urban jungle, balancing on the edge of drought and overwatering? The following gardening and plant care apps come to the rescue! Start downloading – you might learn some tips and tricks from real botanists or fellow gardeners.

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Into Garden

Looking for ways to give your garden a (sustainable) makeover? The ‘Into Garden’ app is the answer to your prayers. Designed by a British garden designer, the app focuses on your garden’s layout and, more specifically, on eating what you grow. Have you always wanted to start a successful vegetable or fruit patch in your garden? This is your chance! Download the app (available on iOS and Android), roll up your sleeves and let’s get started.

Plant Care Reminder

This plant care app is great for those people among us (guilty!) who occasionally forget to water their plants. Especially when you have loads, it becomes difficult tracking which plants need your attention and which don’t. The Plant Care Reminder app offers the solution! It lets you add individual plants and their needs in terms of water and plant food (winter care mode included!). Once you have added your plant collection to the app, you can add them to your home screen as a widget. The widget will visually show you how your plant is doing and if they are in need of water. The only downside to this app is that you will see an advert every time you add a new plant to your collection. If this really bothers you, you could opt for the premium (paid) mode of the app.

Garden Tags

Looking for an app that combines gardening knowledge with a community of like-minded gardeners? Try Garden Tags! Not only will the app provide you with plant advice, inspiration and gardening tasks, it also allows gardeners to share their tips and tricks with each other. An easily accessible way of meeting other fanatic gardeners or future botanists. On top of that, the app also suggests ways to deal with weeds and pests.

plant care apps

Plant identification

With quite a few plant identification apps at hand, it might be hard to choose which one is best. Every app has its own advantages, so have a look and see which one suits you best:

FlowerChecker – plant species identified by real botanists. A huge benefit is that this app has no adverts. However, you have to pay to use this app.

LeafSnap – take a picture, decide on the category (leaf – for plants, flower, fruit or bark) and get a result within seconds. This app is also used by the Natural History Museum!

PictureThis – this app is praised by its users because of the super-quick identification process of plants, flowers, trees and even weeds. It also offers a watering schedule and lots of information. The only downside is that it is a paid app.


Another reminder app to water your plants is Waterbot. This easy-to-use app lets you add plants (including personal pictures) and sends you a notification when it’s time to water them. All based on the information you put in the app, of course. It also offers you the option to add notes, which makes tracking the performance and growth of each individual plant even easier!

My Soil

The ‘My Soil’ app is great for the more advanced gardeners among us, curious to know more about the soil in their local area. Information about soil type, temperature, depth, pH and organic matter content can be important while deciding on new additions for your garden. For example: did you know that the acidity (pH) in the soil determines the colour of a Hydrangea? In strongly acid soil the flowers turn blue, while in slightly acid/neutral soil they turn purple.

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We hope that you will find these gardening and plant care apps useful. Looking for more information on gardening and/or plant care? Have a look at these 10 unravelled gardening myths or wide-spread plant care misconceptions.

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