DIY: Celebrate Garden Day with a hand-made flower crown

Sunday 10 May 2020 it’s Garden Day in the UK – a day to down tools and celebrate our gardens. What better way to do that than by creating a flower crown of your own and wear it with pride? Watch the video tutorial from the Tallulah Rose Flower School below and get started!

garden day

Connecting with nature

Did you know that surrounding yourself with flowers and plants benefits your health, both mentally and physically? It reduces stress, benefits your concentration and could finally get you a good sleep rhythm. We can’t stress enough that this is very important, especially now that we are spending more time in and around the house. That is why we would like to encourage everyone to take part in Garden Day this Sunday, May 10th. Simply by spending time in the garden, nurturing flowers and plants or making a flower crown for example.

"Gardeners and florists are the happiest of all the professions... nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better-paid jobs." – Professor Paul Dolan, UK Economist & Behavioural Scientist

DIY flower crown

Making your own flower crown isn’t that hard as long as you have some guidance from a skilled florist. Rachel, from the Tallulah Rose Flower School, will teach you how to make a flower crown, step by step. Watch the video below to get started – you can even get your pet involved too! Are you blessed with a beautiful garden full of flowers? Lucky you, as you have your flowery materials ready. Otherwise, buy everything you need from a local florist. They can advise you on the best combination of flowers to make your flower crown look amazing. Click here to find your local florist.


Win a £250 gift vouchers

Ready to show off your hand-made flower crown? Simply share your best moments celebrating Garden Day in your garden on Sunday 10 May, tag @GardenDayUK and use the hashtag #GardenDayUK. You might win 1 of 10 £250 National Garden Gift Vouchers! For more information on this competition, Garden Day in general and how to take part in the virtual garden gatherings go to


Looking for gardening tips and tricks? Read our blog about how to create your own cut flower garden. Or have a look at these 10 unravelled gardening myths. Have a fabulous Garden Day!

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