Leap day proposals: a once in a four-year opportunity

It’s leap year people! Meaning that, according to ancient traditions, women are getting the opportunity to take matters into their own hands this Feb. 29th. And what is more romantic than proposing to your loved one with a bunch of beautiful flowers? Read on and learn more about leap day proposals and suitable flowers.

leap day proposals

The reason behind leap day proposals

Before we start talking flowers, how did this ancient Leap Year tradition come about? According to ancient legends dating back to the 5th century, this is due to St Patrick. He declared Leap Day (Feb. 29th) as the one day women were allowed to propose to their men. If a gentleman refused a woman’s proposal, he had to give her a new gown, money or 12 pairs of gloves. The turned down woman could use the latter to hide her embarrassment (ouch!).

Proposal flowers

Are you confident and ready to pop that one important question? Lay the last hand on your proposal with beautiful flowers – each one carrying a message on their own. Consider for example red Tulips, which symbolise ‘perfect love’. Roses are a classic – you can never go wrong with them. But to make it a bit more special, you could opt for scented Garden Roses. The heavenly scent of the flowers could hint towards a precious memory for example. But most importantly: get what they love the most. Whether it’s a particular flower, colour or scent – make sure to match the flowers to your other half’s liking.

scented garden rose

Leap year facts

As the once-every-four-years leap day is just around the corner, we will update your leap year knowledge with some (unknown) facts. Did you know…

  • …that leap days are here to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun?
  • …that people born on a leap day go by the nickname ‘leaplings’ or ‘leapers’?
  • …that the chance of someone getting born on a leap day is 1 in 1,461?
  • …that the Guinness World Record for most consecutive generations born on a leap day was achieved in the UK? 3 consecutive generations to be precise.


Of course, nobody is bound to any date when it comes to proposing to your loved one. Did you already take a leap of faith and did he or she say yes? Congratulations! Have a look at our local Florist Finder and you might end up finding your wedding florist.

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