Florismart has launched a Membership Program and Consumer Website

Florismart has launched a Membership Program and Consumer Website

Dear All,

We are very proud to announce today that Florismart has become a membership organisation, with a mission to support florists in every aspect of their business. Many of you know Florismart for its revolutionary buying platform, but as of today, Florismart has now launched new tools to help you work, sell ánd buy. The main release is a new consumer platform which directs thousands of consumers a week to Florismart members all over the UK, and ALL of the money goes to you – there are zero commissions!

If you have an account with Florismart, you are now a free member, but I hope after reading my email and our Explainer Document you will upgrade to a Pro Membership and take advantage of our consumer site. As part of your Pro Membership, we have many fabulous member benefits, an advanced knowledge centre, business clubs and a vibrant Facebook Group. Being a Pro member costs £150 a year, or £14 a month, and the benefits you will receive will make this membership fee worthwhile. Not only will you get more orders, you will be participating in our program to re-educate the consumer about the profession of floristry. To answer all questions you may have about the memberships, we’ve created a helpful document, which can be found right here.

For every part of life, every milestone and every sentiment there are flowers. Since as long as there are people, flowers have become the focal points of countless rituals and ceremonies. People love flowers because they gave us everything we have today; life. If flowers weren’t created, there would be no colour, no animals, no people, just a green planet covered in algae. And this brings us to our core belief: there is no one better skilled to help find the right sentiment with flowers than a Florist. Florists speak the language of flowers; we live and breathe flowers and share that knowledge and passion with our local communities, and help them celebrate births and birthdays, girlfriends and boyfriends, weddings and funerals, anniversaries and new beginnings – all the meaningful things in life.

But over the last 25 years, Florists have been losing their position in our communities as the flower specialists. Big national companies, with deep pockets, and clever marketing, have seen the opportunity to turn floristry into a DIY hobby, and just sell flowers in boxes and bunches and encourage the consumer to have a go and do it themselves – with often disastrous results.

We all know that floristry is not a hobby, but the big companies are winning because they can buy direct from the grower at half the price that you can, they have management systems that run their business like clockwork, and because the internet is allowing them to get to the consumer easily. Instagram, Google, Facebook enable these big companies to appear like the flower specialists with amazing images, and they have quickly disconnected communities from their local florist. When you ask a consumer where to buy a flower, only 30% will say a Florist. If you asked that question 25 years ago, the answer would be very different.

Unfortunately, our profession was taken by surprise 25 years ago, and we just didn’t have the time, skill, energy, infrastructure and money to work collectively as a group to deal with these threats. It didn’t help that the relay networks abandoned Florists during these critical years. And this is why we created Florismart to help florists embrace the opportunities of a digital world and buy better, work better and sell better. If the consumer is educated about flowers and the florist is embracing the modern world and its tools, the consumer will always support the florist – they want the knowledge and the creativity.

What’s been great over the last few years is that since we launched Florismart four years ago we’re seeing this change happen, and we’re seeing florists happier, wealthier and more fulfilled. Florists are saving money, they are connecting with each other, they are learning more, and enjoying being a florist and that enjoyment is going through to their customers. With this step today of launching Florismart as a member organisation, we’re just at the beginning of a new chapter that makes people think florist when they think flowers.

Over the next few weeks, hundreds of florists are becoming Pro Members and uploading images to the website. And in a few weeks when the site is full of beautiful florist photographs the PR Agency will take your work to the consumer in time for Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day – pushing hundreds of thousands of people to your work.

I hope you join in, get your profile up and ensure via our consumer site that you have a great peak period with Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day around the corner. Please make a bit of extra profit and sign up for a Pro Membership today. Our Support team and Marketing team are here to help you all the way.

Please read our Membership Explained document, it answers all your questions and shows you where to go and what to do.


Best wishes,

Steve France