Florismart organises ‘My Early Valentine’ competition

Florismart organises ‘My Early Valentine’ competition

Florismart is the digital marketplace which connects growers as well as exporters with florists. In cooperation with Arend Roses, Florismart organises the ´My Early Valentine´ competition from the 15th until the 19th of January. The aim is to connect the grower, florist and consumer with each other.

Sample give-away Arend Roses
Arend Roses’ offers his products on the Pre-order platform of Florismart. This means that florists registered with Florismart, can order products from Arend Roses up to two months in advance. To introduce Arend Roses’ relatively new variety, Red Eagle, Florismart and Arend teamed up for a give-away / competition. Together they provided florists with Red Eagle samples to enjoy.

My Early Valentine
To enter the competition, florists choose a special someone to be their ‘Early Valentine’. After receiving the sample of Red Eagle roses, the florist will make a nice bouquet, including the sample roses for that special person. Accompanying a photo of their Early Valentine holding the bouquet, the florists write a short story with the explanation why they have chosen this person as their early Valentine. On the 15th of January, all participating florists should upload their picture and story in the Florismart Florists Facebook group. The florist with the most likes will win 100 Red Eagle roses for Valentine’s day.

Buying online via Florismart
Florismart is a digital marketplace which gives professional florists access to products of the best growers and exporters. This platform gives florists the opportunity to buy different products from different suppliers. Growers and exporters can decide which products they would like to offer, for what price and the amount. Florismart makes sure that everything is being delivered in one order.

Announcement of the winner
On Friday the 19th of January, we will announce the winner of the ‘My Early Valentine’ Facebook competition. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the winner of the competition.