The new Florismart platform

The new Florismart platform

Florismart is a digital marketplace for florists. We have launched an innovative new platform on the 30th September 2017 where live shopping and advanced ordering from different growers and suppliers will come together.

This Industry-first technology means that florists in the UK and Germany, and soon in France and the Netherlands, can quickly and effortlessly shop online with buying power that they have never experienced before. They have easy access to countless varieties of flowers direct from the grower as well as from a range of suppliers.

Commenting on the new Platform, Steve France, CEO of Florismart, said:

“This new development is the most exciting progression for Florismart so far. We are supporting florists to run their businesses better, and this new Platform will aid us to do this even more. We are allowing them to buy their flowers more efficiently, giving them an insight into their business and creating a community that was never there before Florismart.”

In this digital age, it’s very easy for students to go into business. They can set up a Facebook page, create a website and there you have it, they’re in business. But Florismart wants to make sure that those students are continually supported and get the commercial skills they so vitally need.

“We’re working with colleges and trade associations to help alter curriculums to include information about buying flowers correctly online. It’s very different to seeing the flowers, and so students need to be prepared when they graduate. We continue this education on our Florismart Facebook Group and in our Online Magazine, as there’s florists that have got all their qualifications but are moving from buying from local wholesalers, to buying online, and they need guidance too.”

Florismart is revolutionary in so many ways. This platform is a game changer, that’s for sure. Florists need to be able to continually develop their skills in this fast-paced digital flower world, and Florismart is the solution.