The Florismart Membership Platform & Consumer website

The Florismart Membership Platform & Consumer website

Dear Florist,

We have two very big and exciting announcements to make.  Florismart is going to the consumer with a brand new website designed to redirect millions of consumers to your independent floristry businesses and websites. Subsequently, we’re launching our very own membership program, full of great member benefits, promotions and support services, which we hope all of you will join and enjoy.  Membership is open to all florists whether you buy from the Florismart market place or not.

The next phase of Florismart

Many of you know Florismart as a market place connecting suppliers and florists on a brilliant and easy to use web shop. This however, was only the beginning of what we wanted to achieve.  The next phase of Florismart is about strengthening our community and creating a strong movement of independent florists.  Besides just helping you buy, we are now also here to help you work, manage, attract, create, sell and make a great living. With expanding our support, comes the launch of several new services. One of these new exciting services, is the consumer website.

The consumer website

We have been working on developing the consumer website for a long time. One of the reasons for taking our time, was that we wanted to work out what was the best way to promote the florist industry. We want to help independent businesses grow stronger and bigger, without having to give up revenue or individuality. Secondly, we want consumers to see that individual florists are the flower experts.


Our new website will promote all aspects of being a florist. This includes wedding services and workshops, corporate work, funeral tributes and gifting. Which services you want to display on our website, is entirely up to you. Coinciding with the launch (and beyond that) an extensive PR campaign will unfold, pushing consumers to your Facebook pages and websites, so that you own the customer.  The Florismart brand represents floristry. You own the customers.  Whenever consumers see the Florismart logo it represents independent florists, and it drives them to your business.  With 7,500 florists in the UK and 60 million people out there, it is hard for the consumer to grasp what floristry is, but with Florismart and florists working together we hope to achieve this.  Be a Florismart florist – you retain your own business, but become part of a consumer brand that helps grow your business. You keep 100% of your own profits.

The Florismart Membership

Our membership will cost £150 a year. With that you get a listing on the consumer site, you can participate in our Facebook groups, attend business clubs free of charge, receive in store merchandise, goodie bags and enjoy many membership benefits. The membership will pay for itself within a few months.

Please note that Florismart’s market place remains free, and you do not have to be a Florismart member to buy from us.

When is this happening

We will be launching our membership services and consumer website at the BFA’s FleurEx trade show on 27th October.

If you believe in the industry working collectively as a group, then sign up today at the bottom of this page. Do that, and we will be able to get your website listed for our launch date.

When I started as a florist 15 years ago in London, I didn’t expect that I, together with a group of technologically minded florists, would end up building Florismart, a business that makes the job of being a florist more enjoyable and profitable.  Florists have had a tough time since the relay networks adopted sending flowers via courier, but over the last few years Florismart is swinging the pendulum back to the florist.  It is remarkable what the team have achieved in such a short space of time.  And there is so much more we can achieve, and we won’t stop until you the florists gain back your share of the industry from supermarkets, order gatherers, unskilled hobbyists and online retailers.

If you would like to sign up to our membership newsletter and get more details about membership benefits and what being a member entails – sign up below or by clicking here and we will send you more information.

Please note that on 15th November our thriving Florismart Facebook Community of 2,200 florists will become a closed group for members only, so please sign up.

We need your consent to send you emails about the developments of the member platform.