The Life of a Florist – by Denise Cross

Have you ever wondered how it would be to work as a florist? In this article series, we give you a peak in the life of a florist. This week’s article features florist Denise Cross who owns a family run business: her shop County Flowers. Read on for the full story on a typical Wednesday at County Flowers.


Written by Denise Cross – County Flowers

County Flowers
County flowers 1


My day starts when I get up and ensure everybody (including humans and animals) are fed! Over breakfast, I check my emails, social media and websites to make sure I am up to date. On days when I’m expecting a delivery or we have early deliveries to the funeral directors I drive up to the shop, that’s about a mile away, to check if the delivery has arrived or to load the van with the arrangements. We normally get our delivery of flowers at 7.30 as there is no parking outside the shop between 8 and 9. If the delivery hasn’t arrived, the staff don’t need to come in early unless we’re super busy with orders or funeral work.


The shop becomes a hive of activity and we can now park outside. The van gets loaded, the shop front gets put out, the phone starts ringing and customers start coming in. If our Florismart order hasn’t arrived by this point, it will undoubtedly turn up in the midst of all this mayhem. As soon as we’ve done any preparation work i.e. care and conditioning, we can launch ourselves into the day’s work. We have a reputation for creating unusual funeral work so we’re usually fairly busy with creating bespoke designs. There’s not a moments peace with the phone ringing and customers coming in alongside completing orders and arrangements.

Denise Cross
County Flowers


Hopefully, the shop should have calmed down by now, so, we put the kettle on and our lunch can be enjoyed, although, it’s usually disrupted!


Back to work. Afternoons are usually a little more relaxed so we can work on quotes, undertake consultations and work out some cut flowers, foliage, plants and sundries we require for the following week. We also need to clean up, bleach the buckets, disinfect the worktops, empty the bins, sweep the shop floor, restock the flower display and generally tidy up.


Time to put that kettle on. As we’re a family run business and end of school is upon us, we are bound to have a visitation of grandchildren! Now for some fun time! Isn’t this how everyone treats their grandchildren? Good advertising including scary Halloween videos created from placing a grandchild in a box with the lid down!!!

County Flowers


Tidying up, ensuring all the orders are ready for early deliveries in the morning, more tidying and clearing up from any mess made from any last minute customers coming in to the shop in the afternoon, reversing the morning procedure and bringing everything in from outside, checking if the outside stock requires watering overnight, cashing up, answering those last minute phone calls, checking the website, uploading onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and now we can think about closing for the day. One final task at the end of the day is to ensure that Charlie (the shop parrot) is fed and watered.