The Life of a Florist – by Henk Wesselink

Have you ever wondered how it would be to work as a florist? In this article series, we give you a peak in the life of a florist. This week’s article features Scottish florist Henk Wesselink who not only runs 1 but 2 businesses. How does he do it?


Written by Henk Wesselink – Always & Forever Flowers and Urban Blooms

Life of a Florist Henk

Henk at his stall Urban Blooms

Having two completely different shops can be a challenge at times. At the mall (Urban Blooms) we sell loads of readymade bouquets whereas at the studio (Always & Forever Flowers) we fulfil all the web and phone orders. This is what a regular day for me looks like:


The start of the day

I get up at 6 am, get ready, grab a coffee and run out the door at 06:45 to head into Glasgow ahead of the traffic. First I arrive at our unit, where we get our flowers delivered that we have ordered from Florismart and where we make up all our designs.


Once I’ve arrived I print off all the orders that have come through and sort them out and check any priority deliveries. Afterwards, I pack the van with all the bouquets I made the day before. These are ready to go to our stall at the St Enoch Shopping centre. As our stall does not have a water supply I have to fill 20 5L bottles of water with Chrystal Prof 2 solution at the unit and take them with me to the mall as well. Once the van is packed I grab another coffee (very important) and head out again to drop off everything at the mall which is normally around 8 am.

Life of a florist Henk
A real behind the scenes
Life of a florist Henk

Mall – Unit – Consultations – Mall – Unit

I arrive at the mall and load everything off the van. Everything is ready for one of the staff to set it all up for opening at 9 am. Then I bring back the empty water bottles from the mall to fill those back up for tomorrow. Around 9 am I head back to the unit and my normal day starts. Normal day means conditioning all the flowers that came in and making the flowers that I need for today’s orders. Once those are made up I sort them in delivery routes. While I answer phone calls and emails in between and of course drink more coffee (not to be forgotten).


Around noon all the deliveries are picked up and out for delivery. This means that I can start on the fun part: creating more bouquets for the next day for the mall. In between, I also nip out for a couple of consultations and work on any flowers that I need to pre-order for the week ahead to make sure it’s all ordered.


When it’s 2 pm I check how the mall is doing and if they need any more bouquets. If so, I get them ready and deliver them to the mall. Then it’s time to head back to the unit and make more bouquets and order any more flowers that I am running out of depending on how busy it’s been.

Life of a florist Henk
Life of a florist Henk

The afternoon

It’s 3 pm already and I’m making any next day deliveries that need to be done ready to be delivered first thing in the morning. Usually, by this time another flower delivery would have come in. I sort them out for flowers for the mall and for delivery orders. Then we continue again on making around 40/50 bouquets so that there are around 100 (!) ready for the mall as a backup.


Around 6 pm it’s time to finish up all my emails, orders and paperwork that needs to be done. Then I finally head home ready to do it all over again the next day…


The tent

You might have seen the tent that’s sitting in the unit. Don’t worry, Henk isn’t that big of a workaholic that he camps at his workplace. Here’s his story:

I moved into a new unit with a flat concrete roof and this summer it was unbelievably hot during the heat wave. It made the temperature inside like 25-30 degrees. I owned a cooling unit but it was too small to cool the 1500sq ft space. Then I remembered that I had this tent lying around! It fitted well and it’s an okay size for the flowers to keep the temperature around 15 degrees (lowest the air on can go without freezing up). It did the job for a couple of months 🙂


As you can see Henk’s florist life is so much more than creating stunning bouquets and arrangements. It’s also conditioning, filling water bottles, sorting delivery routes, answering phone calls and emails, ordering flowers, driving back and forth between his businesses, doing consultations and drinking coffee, lots of it.


Have a look at Henk Wesselink’s designs in our Florist Finder. Go check it out!

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