The 5 must-follow Instagram accounts of 2019

A new year asks for a new dose of floral inspiration, so onto the internet we went. We’ve looked at hundreds flowerful Instagram accounts and selected 5 of our favourites. Start 2019 off right and follow these talented florists.

Red Floral

Florismart Florist, Red Floral, is a must-follow if you have a thing for over the top wedding and event designs. Swans, huge feathers and of course gorgeous floral designs, Red Floral’s Instagram account has got it all. We can truly say that Mat is a floral genius.

Flor D’Jana

Flor D’Jana’s Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes. This all-round florist from Croatia states to be ‘in love with her job’, and it shows.


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Two Wild Hands

Featuring wild bouquets and pastel tones, Kate Woodley’s @twowildhands account is a truly romantic one. This floral designer from Australia is a must follow if you, like Kate, have a love for everything that is organic, natural and conscious. By watching her stories you will be able to enjoy her love for her multiple pets as well.

Botanica Neue

Jeannie Huang from Botanica Neue is a floral design studio based in New York City, specialising in wearable flowers. In her Instagram bio she describes herself as a botanical artist and after scrolling through her feed, we definitely feel that this title suits her. Follow her if you think that floral crowns should be worn daily.


Heather Page

Heather Page is the proud owner of Academy Flowers in Winnipeg, Canada. She specialises in weddings and custom designs and arranges flowers with a romantic and refined aesthetic. We can easily say that her pictures are the definition of floral perfection.



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