6 Floral Instagram accounts you should follow

We’ve been scouring Instagram and found 6 accounts we think you should start following today. Not only is it great for inspiration to follow fellow florists (and growers), by closely watching successful accounts you might learn a thing or two about (product) photography. Enjoy!

1. Anna Potter – Little Flower Shop, Sheffield.

154k followers strong Anna Potter’s Instagram is far from little. This Sheffield based florist shows how floristry can very  much be about creating art.

Post wedding colour blending therapy ✌?

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2. Jo Flowers – Flowers for England and beyond.

Coming from a family of gardeners, Jo from Norfolk was born to work with flowers. She has 62k followers and mixes a combination of photos from her garden, wedding photos, courses, and artistic arrangements.

3. Ruby-Mary Lennox | Misselthwaite Manor | Berlin

Berlin-based florist Ruby makes floral designs and does a lot of botanical set design. Her instagram account gives an interesting look into the life of a floral designer who works a lot with brands like f.e. Mercedes-Benz.

☁️ smoke bush chandelier in the making for @_foodstories_

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4. Putnam & Putnam – 160 5th Ave | New York, NY.

You may already know them, as Putnam Flowers have a fan base of 258k followers strong! Unsurprisingly, because their postings are just g o r g e o u s.

5. Jonathan Moseley – Floral Expert on BBC’s The Big Allotment Challenge

One of Britain’s best known floral designers. With a love for British grown and a mixture of demonstration photos, arrangements, garden pics, and more Jonathan is sure to amaze you with his account.

6. Stems ? • F L O R I S T • Scottish Borders Flowers

And lastly, a relatively small Instagram account, but oh so lovely. Emma from Stems combines a great eye for photography with her one-of-a-kind arranging style.

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