A British (flower) Tea Party

It is our mission to make British flowers more accessible to consumers and florists. Because British Blooms are just too good to miss out on. Tania Russel, from Hire Societies, heard of our mission and contacted us to see if we were interested in featuring a British themed floral artwork that she made with a fellow florist.  Because we absolutely love British Blooms and she worked together with one of our favourite British growers we couldn’t say anything else than: yes.

british flower tea
A floral cup of tea
british flower tea
The British mannequin

British flowers


So sitting and thinking about the next project that could be done, myself and a fellow florist Amanda, came up with a project that would involve just flowers. We decided on using British growers and their flowers. This is a great concept to promote the flowers that are grown in the UK. We know that at least 80-90% of the flowers that are used in the UK are imported. And as much as we love having the choice all year round, we like to try and use British flowers more. Not just because they are usually more naturally grown but also because it helps provide a food source for our beautiful insects.

As we were planning our project and decided to use flowers from our soils, we then decided to do a Tea Party for the only reason: British love their tea. An all British theme it was.

british flower tea
The moss covered flower clock
british flower tea
Tania and Amanda

Time for tea

Coming together we made an all floral design set up, based on using only British grown flowers and not using any foam at all. We used stunning pink moss to create a 2m diameter clock. And the clock’s numbers were symbolised by the flowers that were supplied by the British growers. We then added a well-dressed mannequin to the display. Again made up of British flowers and foliage. Last but not least, it was time for tea. Using some vintage crockery and scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam, of course, finished the theme of just lovely.

Tania’s and Amanda’s British Tea Party was displayed at Crosslands Flower Nursery from the 30th of June until the beginning of July.  They also used Crosslands’ gorgeous Alstroemeria in their display. Crosslands Flower Nursery specialises in British Alstroemeria and is based in West Sussex. Ben Cross supplied them with some beautiful Alstroemerias with a variety of colours. Ben is one of the last flower nurseries producing cut flowers in a full-colour range all year-round. He is an avid campaigner for British Flowers and takes any opportunity he can to spread the word that British Flowers Rock!

The other suppliers:

  • Chamomile & Cornflowers – Foliage
  • Flowers by Kate – British flowers
  • Sussex Roses – British roses
  • AAB Weddings – the vintage crockery
  • Pictures by Fiona Mills Art Photography


Want to buy British blooms? Find a florist near you that sells British Blooms.