Cool pieces of art // Iced flowers by Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto, an artist from Japan, fell in love with flowers after a job at the flower market in Tokyo. His goal is to make people happy with flowers and he sure made us happy with amazing work. Find out more about his iced flowers work underneath…


Azuma Makoto is not only an artist but also an entrepreneur and owner of flower shop called Jardin des Fleurs. He works regularly with fashion designers, photographers, and perfume houses to create incredible pieces of art using flowers.


One of his latest creations have been jaw dropping. He created art pieces with astonishing flowers processed inside of ice.  The exhibition dubbed Iced Flowers was held at a warehouse in a Japanese town called Ogose.


They freeze the flowers with the help of a special machine, which causes no air bubbles into the ice. Thus, the colours of the flowers remain bright.


Azuma and his team not only showed the Iced Flowers at exhibitions in Japan, but also in Lille and on the fashion runway of the famous fashion designer; Dries van Noten.

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