We love getting creative with pots and vases

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Get creative with flower vases and pots for plants

A flower vase, something that all households have at least one of. You fill it with flowers and give it place to sit somewhere where it has the chance to shine.

Mixing up flowers is something we are familiar with, but what if you have one favourite flower that you tend to use all the time? Or if you have leftover flowers but they are not catching your eye on their own in a glass vase?  Time to get creative with vases and pots!

creative flower cans


When it comes to using something different than the usual to put your flowers in, you are going to need your creative mind. Here are some tips of products you can use to create your new flower vase or plant pot.

-Light bulbs
When you hang a light bulb upside down it is a perfect small vase to put single flowers in!

Match the jug with the colours of your flowers and you have a completely different arrangement!

-Tea cup
A cute tea cup can be the perfect place for a plant to grow.

-Empty bottles/cans/jars
Some products have the prettiest decorations on their packages. Re-use them to put your flowers or plants in.


 creative bottle flowerscreative can flowers


We wanted to share these photo’s with you so you can get get inspired!

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