Be creative with patio plants on your balcony, terrace, or garden

Make the balcony, terrace, or garden a cosy flowering oasis with colourful patio plants! Small-scale balcony & terrace gardening in design plant bins and atmospheric flower pots is really trendy.

We’re going from interior to exterior!

Keep in mind

Make sure you pick the right plants/trees/flowers for your outside area. The temperatures can differ a lot. If you use the right plants for the climate you can enjoy the flowers, fruit trees, and flowering plants as long as possible.

patio plants

Take note:

  • In what direction, your balcony/ garden/ patio is.
    The morning sun is less warm and bright as afternoon sun.
  • How many hours is the sun on the balcony & terrace?
  • Does the balcony/ patio/ garden stand in a corner, can direct sunlight reach the plants?

The inside of your house can make a great match with your exterior, use colours of plants/flowers and pots to match with.

Contrast or match?

Warm colors like red and yellow & cold interior colours like blue, white and purple combined with the same additional shades enhance the colour effect on the outside.

This way you can enjoy your terrace & balcony exterior indoors. It makes a great view! This outside space is an additional ‘room’ & extension of the house and allows the interior style to flow outside for a natural transition.

Contrasting designs divide the inside and the outside but it also creates a whole new atmosphere. For example you can then have a tropical feeling with patio plants outside and a modern feel inside.

~Enjoy your flower oasis!~