It’s the season to get crafty | 3 DIY Christmas decorations

As Christmas is nearing, the festive spirit gets stronger every day. Can’t wait to add that holly jolly Christmas touch to your home? Then roll up your sleeves and get creative with these 3 floral, festive and fun DIY Christmas decorations. Which one are you going to try first?

DIY Christmas decorations
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Eye-catching Xmas wrappings

How to make sure your presents are the showstoppers under the Christmas tree? We have a few ideas for you, all based on natural wrapping materials. Ingredients: wrapping paper, a few stems of flowers/foliage and raffia, jute or rope. Easy does it!

Top Tip #1: Use paper packaging – it’s better for the environment and it also serves as a natural basis for the floral decorations you’re about to add.

Top Tip #2: Decorate your gifts with colourful and seasonal florals. Add Ilex, Holly or Mistletoe for the ultimate festive touch. Or take a few bits from your Christmas tree and stick it to the gift wrap. Choose Eucalyptus if you want your gift to look and smell amazing!

Top Tip #3: Use some raffia, jute or rope to secure your Christmassy bits. Again, it’s better for the environment and it complements the rest of your decorations beautifully.

DIY Christmas decorations
© Dalla Vita

Succulent ornaments

Second on our list of DIY Christmas decorations are these super cute Succulent ornaments. Ingredients: Succulents, hot glue gun, jewellery wire (16 or 18 gauge), Spanish Moss, needle nose wire cutters, scissors, round handle (1/2” – 3/4” in diameter).

Step 1 – Hook & Loop
Cut a length of wire about 6-8” long and wrap it around your handle twice. Bend the remaining wire straight up the handle. Remove the wire from the handle and use your pliers to make a loop at the top of your wire. Pinch the loop tight. To finish it, bend the top piece backwards over your finger.

Step 2 – Prep your Succulent
Remove the soil (and any dried up leaves) from the back of the Succulent. To attach the hook, you need at least 1/4” of stem at the back to attach the hook to. If your Succulents don’t have an exposed stem, then just remove some of the healthy leaves. If the stem is too long, try to trim it down to a maximum of 1/2”. Make sure the back of your Succulent is dry so that the glue will stick.

Step 3 – The finishing touch
Put hot glue around the stem and slide the hook into the glue to attach it to your Succulent. Don’t worry, the hot glue won’t hurt the plant – the roots will find their way. Decorate the back of your Succulent with Spanish Moss by adding more glue around the loop of your hook. Trim the excess Moss and it’s ready to rock your Christmas tree!

DIY Christmas decorations
© Dalla Vita

Floral Christmas tree

Forget about baubles, stars and other common Christmas ornaments – decorate your tree with the most beautiful blooms this year! Do you have a classic red and gold theme? Then opt for matching red Roses. However, if you have a more modern style then you might want to add a few gorgeous Orchids. And is your tree bursting with colours? Then you have an easy job – just let your imagination do the work for you. Put the flowers in test tubes to keep them fresh.

tubes X

Not fond of DIY Christmas decorations? Then head over to your local florist to treat yourself to a wide range of ready-made festive floral decorations.

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