DIY: Create the perfect floral Easter setting

Get on with these easy DIY’s, which will contribute to the perfect floral Easter setting. From decorative materials to floral giveaways – these little projects will add an Easter touch to each home. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Decorated Easter eggs

This one will bring back childhood memories to most of us – decorating Easter eggs! One big difference: instead of paint, we will be using a piece of mother nature: flowers and foliage. Ready? You are going to need a (heavy!) book, flowers/foliage of your choice, glue and hard-boiled eggs.

Step 1. Pick out some flowers and/or foliage to use while decorating. Please note that fragile florals are easier to work with: take for example Narcissus, Irises or Fern.
Step 2. Put the flowers inside a book and press some weight on it. It will probably take a few days before the flowers are pressed sufficiently.
Step 3. Stuck your pressed flowers and foliage onto the eggshells with the use of glue. Allow the glue to dry and your Easter creation is ready!

floral easter
© The Magic Onions
floral easter
© Mooi wat planten doen

Little egg vases

These little egg vases look really cute on your table during an Easter brunch. All they require is a few eggs, a syringe, instant glue, a little tray and some lovely flowers. Easy does it!

Step 1. Make a small hole at the bottom of the egg (around 2 to 3 millimetres).
Step 2. Blow some air into the syringe and release the air into the egg via the hole. This will cause the egg to run out of the eggshell. TIP! You can also buy these eggs ready-made at a garden centre.
Step 3. Glue the empty eggshells to a little tray of your choice.
Step 4. Fill the eggs with water and some little flowers like Ranunculus or Tulips.

floral easter
(c) The Merry Thought
© The Merry Thought

Easter giveaway

Looking for a nice little Easter gift? Or just looking for more decorative material to put on the dining table? This step by step DIY is simple as do re mi and suits every Easter (or spring) occasion. Equipment: little spring plants, jute, wire or ribbon and a pair of scissors.

Step 1. Cut out a piece of jute: around 30 square centimetres (depending on the pot size of the plant).
Step 2. Wrap your spring plant – Hyacinth or Muscari for instance – with the jute sheet and bind it together with some wire or ribbon.

floral easter
© Mooi wat planten doen
Muscari Big Smile®

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