DIY paper flowers for children (step by step)

In times of self-isolation, we have to think of other ways to keep ourselves and our children busy. Of course, we had to come up with something flower-related. That’s why we have collected some tutorials which explain how to make certain flowers out of paper. Scroll down and have a look at these DIY paper flowers. Happy crafting!

DIY paper flowers

DIY paper Dahlias

Let’s start with this fun project devised by Craftaholics Anonymous, a fun craft blog. All you need is 10 sheets of paper (8.5″ x 11″) per flower | scissors | pen | low-temperature glue gun | paper trimmer | cardboard. Follow the step by step tutorial and brighten your home with paper Dahlias:

1. Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle of 6.5”. Use a bowl and pen to help you trace a circle on the cardboard.

2. Use a paper trimmer (or scissors) to cut the paper sheets into 4 equal parts (rectangles). If you copy the tutorial and want to use 4 layers of different colours on every flower, the biggest layer takes 4 sheets, the next layer 3, then 2 and the centre takes 1 sheet.

3. Roll your pieces of paper into cone shapes – use a bit of glue to hold it in place.

4. Glue the first layer of ‘cones’ to the cardboard, all the way around the edge. Then do the same for the second layer – make sure to start a little lower. For the third layer, cut 2-3” off the bottom of the cone before glueing it on the cardboard. Last but not least: the centre. Cut off the tips of the cones and glue these to the centre of the flower.

Click here to view the tutorial with step by step photographs of this DIY paper flowers project.

DIY paper flowers
© Craftaholics Anonymous
how to make paper dahlia flowers
© Craftaholics Anonymous

DIY paper Hyacinths

Learn how to make paper Hyacinths, thanks to blogger Dinah from DIY Inspired. Supplies: different colours of paper (8.5” x 11”), including green for the stem and leaves | scissors | glue stick | glue gun | optional: paper cutter.

1. The stem – Cut a green sheet of paper in half (4.25” x 5.5”). Start with rolling one of the corners diagonally and in the meantime, use your glue stick to keep it all together. Top Tip: if you are short on time, simply use green straws as the stems.

2. The flowers – Cut another piece of coloured paper in half lengthwise. You will need both pieces to complete 1 flower. Use scissors to cut the paper into strips (leave approximately 3/8” at the top, in order to glue it on the stem later). Carefully roll each strip, one by one.

3. Connecting flowers to the stem – Use your glue gun to attach your rolled-up paper flowers to the stem. Wrap it around the stem at a slight angle with the curls facing down. If needed, use some more glue to keep it in place.

4. The leaves – Cut out a small piece of paper (approximately 4.5” x 4.5”). Fold it accordion style and hold it together when you cut it one side lengthwise into a ‘V’. Fold the leaves around the stem, using a bit of glue, et voila!

We can imagine this tutorial needs some more visual explanation. To see the step by step photographic report or the video tutorial, please click here.

DIY paper flowers
© DIY Inspired

Paper Calla Lilies

Last but not least, we will explain how to make graceful Calla Lilies out of paper, as featured on You are going to need: different colours of paper, including green and yellow | scissors | wooden skewer | glue stick | pen or pencil

1. The flower – Cut out a piece of paper of approximately 4” x 4” (this can be any colour you like). Draw a big leaf-shaped form on it (watch the video to see exactly how they do it) and cut it out. Use a pen or pencil to fold both sides of the flower towards the middle and let it rest.

2. The stamen – Cut out a small strip of yellow paper. Take your wooden skewer, put some glue on the top of the yellow paper strip and wrap it around the wooden skewer at a slight angle (start at the top!). Use some more glue at the end to keep it together. Then glue the flower to the wooden skewer, right where the stamen ends.

3. The stem – Fold a quite thin but long piece of green paper around the wooden skewer, just like you did with the stamen (at a slight angle). Use another piece to create a longer stem.

4. The leaves – Cut out another small piece of paper (around 3” long) and fold it once into a thin strip. Cut it one side lengthwise into a rounded form. Unfold it, glue it to the stem and you’re done!

To make sure you follow each one of the steps correctly, have a look at the full video tutorial.


Good luck with creating these DIY paper flowers! Looking for more pastime in and around the house? Have a look at another blog, where we teach you to create your own cut flower garden.

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