Early spring gardening tips ‘n tricks

The first signs of spring are already showing: heart-warming sunrays and the first blossoming of spring flowers. Your garden is starting to wake up from its hibernation soon, and it will welcome a little fuel. So get on with it if you want your garden to be ready before the temperature rises. Below we will give you some spring gardening tips on how to get started!

spring gardening tips
spring gardening tips

Tip #1: Clean out the garden

Did you comply with your gardening duties during the winter? If yes; good job! If not; you are probably one out of many. If you relate to the latter, your garden definitely needs a make-over. Get rid of fallen leaves, leftover snow and weeds to start with a clean slate. This is also a great time to sharpen your garden tools so that they are ready when needed.

Tip #2: Get on top of your perennials

Spring is the perfect time to revitalise the soil, which is probably dried out after winter. You could add moisture using compost or manure for example. This will also increase the life of your plants and the health of your soil. Read more about making your own natural fertiliser in our previous article about autumn gardening.

spring gardening tips
cut hyacinth

Tip #3: Plan before you act

The third on our list of spring gardening tips is to use February for some planning. Are you keen on transforming your backyard into a vegetable garden? Do you want to create your own cut-flower garden? Or a mixture of both? Once you have made a decision, you have to figure out which gardening system suits you best:

  • Row gardening: a classic and reliable system that offers a very clean look
  • Container gardening: perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space
  • Raised bed gardening: to ensure a longer growing season
  • Square foot gardening: for gardeners in urban areas who don’t have a lot of space to work with

Or just use your own creativity and imagination!

Tip #4: Get planting now

Once you have taken care of the old plants and got the garden in shape, it’s time to invest in something new. Do you choose long-living perennials, spring plants or summer bulbs? A good thing to do in spring is planting bare-rooted plants like top fruit, soft fruit, daylilies, roses or any trees and shrubs. If possible, choose a cool, cloudy day and aim to get it done mid-March.

spring gardening tips
spring gardening tips

Tip #5: Use ordinary left-overs

Coffee grounds are great to give your plants an early boost. It contains nitrogen, which stimulates plant and vegetable growth. Another way of nourishing your plants is by (re)using cooled down cooking water from spaghetti or vegetables. Washing away those vitamins and minerals would be such a waste! And did you know that Chamomile tea is a great all-natural way to avoid bacterial and fungal infections?


With the above-mentioned spring gardening tips, your garden will look absolutely stunning. Motivated, but no green thumbs yet? Read this article first.

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