Enjoy spring with bulbs on pot

Spring is on our doorstep, which means that we all want to brighten up our homes with beautiful spring flowers. Did you already think of flower bulbs on pot? These blooming bulbs seem to never go out of style. For this reason, we will share some bulbous inspiration with you.


Sparkling colours and lovely fragrances

With bulbs on pot, you can create the ultimate spring atmosphere in your home in no time. You can use colourful tulips or crocuses for example. Or do you prefer a nice blue/pink colour as well as a lovely scent? Don’t look any further and choose the Hyacinth or Muscari. Their fragrances will add an extra dimension to your interior for sure. The great thing about these bulbs is that they can be used both in- and outdoors and that they are easy to take care of.


How to bring spring inside?

Put the bulbs in a spot with lots of light and don’t forget to give them enough water (note that Hyacinths don’t need much water). Make sure that the bulbs don’t dry out, as they will turn out much nicer once they mature. When it comes to the Hyacinth, you have to keep the soil moist and give them less water when they start blooming. Altogether the flowers need to stay cool, while still getting enough light. A spot next to the window would be perfect for them.


Blooming bulbs outside

From the start of January, bulbs on pot can be put outside as a little night frost won’t be a problem. Just wait patiently and the bulbs will start to bloom. The key is not to water them while it is still freezing. These bulbs can also be put in soil or bigger planters. With this cold weather, the flower bulbs live longer and bloom very well. If more severe frost is coming to the UK, wait a little longer to put them outside. In the meantime, you can put them in a garage or shed.

Trendy flower bulb ideas

From bulbs on pot to bulbs in a vase

Did you ever think of flower bulbs in a vase? The only thing you have to do is remove the plastic pot from the root ball and put them carefully in a vase. You can choose for example 4 different colours of tulips and put each one in a separate vase.

bulbs on pot

Baskets with bulbs

Do you prefer to match the bulbs perfectly with your cosy interior?  Use some baskets which match the colours of your interior and place the flower bulbs inside the basket.  Use only one or two colours if you would like to create a calm and minimalistic atmosphere.

bulbs on pot

Bulbs on your balcony or in your garden

Once spring is inside, don’t forget your balcony or garden. Do you prefer bright colours? Try to combine a nice coloured pot with white flower bulbs or the other way around and you will get happy spring feelings for sure.

bulbs on pot