Going green: foliage is the new flowers

Most people visit a florist to – obviously – buy flowers. But did you know that foliage actually deserves the same amount of attention? Just consider: a beautiful bouquet is not complete without a touch of green, right? We believe that foliage can be just as wonderful as flowers and that they do not only play an important role in creating bespoke floral designs…

All foliage heaven

Lately, we see more and more appreciation for foliage and green houseplants. Alongside, the last couple of years there’s a rise in the number of requests for all-green weddings. Bring the outdoors indoors with an all-green bridal bouquet, centrepieces or buttonholes to add rustic flair. We will show you some inspirational examples below. And be honest, it looks fantastic, doesn’t it?


Home decoration

Foliage is also more often used as standalone home decoration. The use of Eucalyptus is in this case quite popular, because of its heavenly smell. But there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your home with the use of greenery. It doesn’t always have to be a living piece; you can brighten up your home with a nice greenery poster or painting too.


All-time favourites

Although we love everything green, some foliages are more in demand than others. As we said before, Eucalyptus is very popular in home decoration as well as in (wedding) arrangements. The feathery look of Fern can, however, add a soft but voluminous touch to every bouquet. Go for tropical leaves if you want to create a more dramatic look – use Monstera leaves for instance.


Looking for more foliage inspiration? Pay your local florist a visit; they will have plenty in stock!

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