Love it or hate it: hydroponic gardening

Ever heard of hydroponic gardening? It basically means growing plants without the use of soil. While this might sound futuristic and new, the concept of hydroponic gardening goes way back. Discover its advantages and be surprised by its appearance.

hydroponic gardening
hydroponic gardening
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Growing without soil

Although hydroponic gardening has been performed for centuries, its popularity and widely integration is quite new. So how does it work? Hydroponic gardening means planting without the use of any soil. Which means that not the soil, but the water and the nutrient-rich solution applied to the plant’s root zone become the source of their nutrients. Many people consider this way of planting to be the future of farming. Why? Because it has many advantages.


As opposed to traditional growing methods, hydroponic gardening ensures exceedingly high quality, a much faster growth rate and it requires less space and fewer resources. Besides, this way of planting – in combination with vertical gardening – has served in increasing the possibilities of urban gardening and indoor gardening.

hydroponic gardening
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hydroponic gardening
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Local first

From small in-home planting systems to large commercial systems; hydroponically grown plants are quickly gaining more supporters. This is the result of more and more people becoming aware of where their food and products are coming from. This encourages the consumer to support the local growing and shopping movement, which we are of course very happy with!

Based on appearance

Hydroponically grown plants used as home decoration are very on-trend right now. As you have already seen on the pictures, small plants like Cactus and Succulents are particularly popular.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Experience has shown that most people either love or hate the look of it. What do you think: is hydroponic gardening hot or not?


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