Iconic Royal Wedding Bouquets

The whole country is still dreaming about Saturday’s Royal wedding. You might have missed it but the Duchess of Sussex actually paid a touching tribute to Harry’s mother, Princess Di. She chose to use forget-me-nots in her bridal bouquet, Princess Diana’s favourite flowers. That is why we thought it is high time to have a look at some of the most iconic royal wedding bouquets.

Princess Diana

Let’s kick off the iconic bridal bouquets with an iconic bride: late Princess Diana. On July 29th, 1981 Diana married Prince Charles and carried a large cascading bouquet. Her big bouquet matched perfectly with her voluminous dress. With over 750 million people watching the ceremony – she inspired a lot of future eighties and nineties brides to opt for dramatic and bold bridal bouquets. Her bouquet contained several flowers such as Lily of the Valley, Stephanotis, Freesias, Gardenias, Odontoglossum Orchids and the Earl Mountbatten rose. As is a tradition in the British royal family, she also included a sprig of Myrtle from Queen Victoria’s garden.

Royal wedding bouquet

Source: photo by Rex Features

Queen Elizabeth

Another iconic bridal bouquet is from Queen Elizabeth. This bouquet is not famous because of its beauty or because of the special flowers it contained – no, it’s mostly famous because it actually went missing. Although the bouquet was delivered personally to Buckingham Palace it was misplaced. That is why the Queen was left empty handed for her wedding photos. The story goes that they recreated some moments of their wedding day for the camera with a replica of the original bridal bouquet. Since then royal florists create a replica bridal bouquet (just in case).

Royal wedding bouquets

Source: Image via www.weddingandweddingflowers.co.uk

Grace Kelly

The Princess of Monaco’s bridal bouquet may have been the inspiration for Kate Middleton’s wedding blooms. Grace Kelly carried a simple looking wedding bouquet made with Lily of the Valley on top of a white bible.

Royal wedding bouquets

Source: Picture by Rex Features

Kate Middleton

As mentioned above, the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet incorporated delicate Lily of the Valley. Her all British wired posy also contained Hyacinths, Sweet Williams (a nod to her husband-to-be), and of course the traditional sprig of Myrtle.  Not only her bouquet was worth looking at, she also chose to fill Westminster Abbey with impressive hornbeams and field maple trees. That way she created the feeling of a country wedding.

Source: Samir Hussein/WireImage.com


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