Inspiring flower shops around the world

There are more than 32,000 flower shops around the world. From small studios to large shops with any possible style. For this article, we made a top 5 of most inspirational flower shops across the world. Read on and get inspired!

Salon des Fleurs, Madrid

Salon des Fleurs is that unique place which you want to enter, discover and live in. This amazing and unique concept store is located in central Madrid. They sell everything, from colourful bouquets to decorative plants and vertical gardens. You can even enjoy a coffee or homemade cake in a magical environment. This is the place that invites you to feel at home.

Source: Strada20
Source: Cafeteria bonita en Madrid

Moyses Stevens, London

Moyses Stevens is probably the sweetest and happiest looking flower shop you have ever seen. The white façade is decorated with beautiful British pink and purple flowers and you just can’t miss it! Moyses Stevens is well known as the florist who invented the hand-tied bouquet. Their collection is about real flowers, nature and some of its most beautiful fragrances. They always try to keep the British roots in everything they do.

moyses stevens
Source: Venue Report
moyses stevens
Source: Design Curial

Amelia’s Flower Truck, Nashville (Tennessee)

Have you ever seen a moveable flower shop? Mattie, from Amelia’s Flowers, came up with the idea to create a flower shop inside a small truck. The trucks are available for events and include many many flowers and a florist to assist you and your guests in creating beautiful bouquets. Amelia offers wonderful bouquets online as well.

amelia's flowers
Source: Amelia’s Flowers
amelia's flowers

Fransen et Lafite, Madrid

Fransen et Lafite is a flower shop near Teatro Real in Madrid. It all started with the Dutch Patrick Fransen, who opened up the shop together with his French/Spanish companion Javier. Everything in the shop is focussed on interior, flowers and plants. When you walk into this shop it feels like entering a fairy tale! In addition to flower delivery, wedding work and floral design, they are also specialised in gardening and landscaping services.

floristry madrid
Patrick Fransen - Fransen et Lafite
Fransen et Lafite, Paris

This is the only florist who has two different shops in Paris. They offer amazing flowers which have been selected with much care. The atmosphere is very different from other shops, it’s so charming! Each flower is the object of attention in the bouquets at and each bouquet tells a unique story.

Source: Venuereport

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