Mother’s Day gift ideas from your local florist

Mother’s Day is almost here (March 22nd) – time to spoil the mums in our lives! The perfect Mother’s Day gift is not necessarily the most expensive present but usually something that shows the thought and effort you have put in. So why not go to your local florist? A floral expert who can create gifts, hand-made with love and craft. Scroll down for some popular Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

1 Hatbox arrangements

The so-called ‘hatbox’ arrangements are extremely popular and loved by many mums. And we get why – as this is the perfect example of 2 gifts in 1! Hatboxes do not only display the flowers in a lovely manner, but they can often be reused as well. For example to store little knick-knacks or to get refilled with flowers of course! Popular Mother’s Day flowers to feature in the hatbox design are Tulips, Roses and Carnations.

2 Planted baskets

Is your mum quite traditional? A basket filled with seasonal flowers will probably do the trick then! Buy a ready-made basket filled with spring plants and your mum will get to enjoy for weeks on end. Spring plants include Narcissus, Hyacinths, Freesias and Tulips. If you opt for Hyacinths or Freesias, your mum will get their lovely fragrance filling the room as a big bonus. Finish it with a hand-written card and your mum will be delighted.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

3 Hand-tied bouquets

This is where you can be in control! Pick your mum’s favourite flowers and let your local florist turn it into a beautiful hand-tied bouquet finished with filler flowers and foliage. Not sure which flowers your mum or mother in law prefers? Leave it to the expert: order a florists’ choice bouquet for example, which often consists of stunning seasonal flowers.

4 Floral workshops

If you want to take it further, then surprise your mum with a floral creation of your own. Discover your own green thumbs and create a Mother’s Day hatbox, hand-tied or basket arrangement under the guidance of a skilled (local) florist. Or even better: take your mum with you to a floral workshop, so you both get to create a floral masterpiece. These workshops are unique experiences and therefore, you will most definitely look back at it for a long time with great pleasure.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Which one of the above-mentioned floral Mother’s Day gift ideas is your favourite? Easily order any floral gift from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered personally. Find a florist near you via our homepage – enter your mum’s location and choose her favourite design or workshop!

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