Find the perfect Mother’s Day match

Now that Mother’s Day is looming we thought you could use some gift inspiration. In cooperation with sundry supplier Duif, we matched 4 types of sundries with 4 different kinds of mums. Scroll below and find your match!

Mum #1: The classic mum

Mum number one is your typical British mum or grandmother. She absolutely adores throwing a typical afternoon tea party. Duif has selected these pots – with some extra love attached – as the perfect gift for the more traditional mum. Style it with a nice pot rose for example; a guaranteed hit on Mother’s Day.

moederdag traditioneel X

Mum #2: Modern mum

The modern mum is best described as a trendy mother, who is young (at heart). She loves to be on-trend with everything: clothes, interior design, music, etc.. Duif’s planter Carmita and this mum are a match made in heaven due to the planter’s perfect combination of glass and metal. Combine this with a trendy wildflower bouquet and you get the ideal Mother’s Day gift for a modern mum.

mother's day sundries

Mum #3: DIY/gardening mum

This mother is born with green thumbs. Gardening is her one true love (besides her children of course). These natural planters match her profile perfectly. Be creative and combine the planters with small bottles (as shown in the picture) or with lovely spring plants like Hyacinths or Daffodils.

mother's day sundries
mother's day sundries

Mum #4: Eco mum

Recycling, a ban on plastic and her favourite word is bio. Dealing with an environmentally conscious mother? Try some traditionally made  100% eco-friendly glassware. Its charm is actually in the imperfections. After all, it’s entirely made of existing glass items that go back into the oven. The result is a no-waste and unique product, perfect for Mother’s Day!

mother's day sundries
mother's day sundries

Loving the above-mentioned types of Mother’s Day sundries? Go to your local florist – they probably have something similar in their assortment!

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